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Taiwan Higher Education Union(THEU) formed in 2012.

We are a trade union comprised of faculty and staff from the nation’s institutes of higher education. We are calling for better labor conditions, democratic governance of universities, and academic freedom and fairness in distributing the nation’s educational resources.

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"Fair Pay Now!" After 20 years pay freeze, Teachers at British Council Taiwan take actions to demand fair pay

by THEU 2024-03-26 News

Management are refusing to authorise any long-term pay adjustment or to make any offer that our members can take seriously in light of 20 years of inflation with absolutely no pay rise. We are therefore holding this press conference to encourage management to return to negotiations with a more sincere intention of reaching an agreement. The union will take action if they do not receive offers that the members consider fair and reasonable.


THEU-British Council Taiwan Branch is Established!

by THEU 2023-09-21 News

Teachers at the British Council Taiwan have decided to join a trade union. The main reasons are that we believe that being in a union is a way to improve the jobs of all people working in education. Our teachers have not received an inflation based pay rise since the British Council Taiwan was established in 2005. Working with THEU we hope to achieve fair and equal pay that reflects the rising cost of living and inflation.


EDITORIAL:Taiwan’s higher education in crisis (Taipei Times)

by THEU 2022-09-02 News

According to the Taiwan Higher Education Union, the government’s spending on tertiary education is only 0.39 percent of GDP, significantly lower than the 1 percent average of Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development member countries.


Taiwan’s Higher Education Union and Its Battles

by THEU 2022-08-23 News

Interview Chou Ping (周平), President of Taiwan Higher Education Union by Jennifer Ruth


THEU – Ming Chuan University branch was established!

by THEU 2019-07-18 News

The 14th branch of Taiwan Higher Education Union- Ming Chuan University (MCU) branch was established on yesterday afternoon (17 July 18, 2019).MCU union branch eagerly invite ALL faculty and staff to join the union. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact union!


Private colleges ‘lack oversight’

by THEU 2019-01-17 News

Twenty-one private universities and colleges have been renting land from state-owned Taiwan Sugar Corp (Taisugar) for a monthly average of NT$7.6 (US$0.25) per ping (3.3m2), with some paying as little as NT$2.2 or NT$2.3 per ping, suggesting that private universities lack government oversight, the Taiwan Higher Education Union said yesterday.


Universities use of contract hires abusive: union

by THEU 2018-09-07 News

An increasing number of private universities are hiring teachers as independent contractors to evade labor and education laws and exploit them, the Taiwan Higher Education Union said.


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