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February 18, 2012

Taiwan Higher Education Union(THEU) formed in 2012

A trade union comprised of faculty and staff from the nation’s institutes of higher education was officially established yesterday, calling for better labor conditions, democratic governance of universities, and academic freedom and fairness in distributing the nation’s educational resources.

[Taipei Times] Union formed for higher education professionals (Feb. 19, 2012)


  • 2012

[May 02] Part-time lecturers call attention to growing wage gap

[Sep. 26] Education evaluations under fire

[Sep. 30] Education union slams ‘arbitrary’ college evaluations

[Oct. 06] Students, lecturers deserve better

  • 2013

[Apr. 23] Adjunct teachers protest against NHI exclusion 

  • 2014

[July 26] Lecturers protest ‘illegal’ layoffs to trim expenses

[Dec. 06] Student employees protest delays in being paid wages

[Dec. 23] Union opposes proposal to close 60 tertiary institutes

  • 2015

[Jan. 15] Union protests Yu Da teacher layoffs

[May 19] Professors shave heads in protest

[Mar. 29] Do not trade university land for profit: minister

[July 28] University teachers protest ‘arbitrary’ layoffs

[Nov. 19] MOE, private university ties criticized

  • 2016

[Feb. 02] Minister urged to avoid work at private schools

[Mar. 02] Lecturers denied maternity leave

[May 01] University figures fudged: union

[June 04] Education union protests against Cordon Bleu’s plans in Kaoshiung

[July 06] Part-time lecturers protest unfair pay at universities

[Nov. 11] Ministry proposal ‘takes reform halfway’

[Sep. 31] Thousands of lecturers might face job cuts

  • 2017

[Mar. 18] Call for pension parity for private school teachers

[Apr. 18] Put closing schools’ assets in trust, group suggests

[June 23] Union protests regulation change for closing schools

[June 30] Adjunct lecturers demand inclusion into labor law

[July 22] Part-time educators facing the axe

[Aug. 19] Funding should go to student-lecturer ratio, union says


  • 2018

[Feb. 28] Pay increases not delivered to 30,000 educators; union slams ‘stealthy’ move

[June 06] Teachers call on government to keep APIC open

[May 09] APIC students, teachers protest ministry’s inaction

[Sep. 07] Universities use of contract hires abusive: union

  • 2019

[Jan. 11] Private colleges ‘lack oversight’

[July 17]

THEU – Ming Chuan University branch was established!