How to join us

Application for Union Membership


[On-line application


Applications for Union membership will be reviewed by board committee. Once the application is accepted and the membership fee paid, membership will become effective.


Please complete the membership payment process within a week of applying.

If an application is not accepted, this payment will be fully refunded.


All information contained within an application will remain confidential.

Membership Type


Admission fee (First year only)


Annual membership fee


Total amount

Full-time teachers/researchers


1,000 NT

3,600 NT

10-year membership fee of 32,400 NT with 10% discount

4,600 NT

Full time staff/assistants


1,000 NT

2,400 NT

3,400 NT

Part-time teachers/assistants/TAs


1,000 NT

600 NT

1,600 NT

※ 成立大會時通過經常會費調整辦法,全職教師及研究人員如一次繳交十年經常會費,期間會費以九折收取。目前已有若干會員響應此義舉,以支援工會成立初期的財務壓力。
The 10% discount on 10-year membership for full-time teachers and staff is intended to encourage long-term financing and support for the Union.


How to pay union membership fee

  • 銀行轉帳 Bank Transfer


Bank name: First Bank(Bank code: 007)


Account No.: 103-10-054872

戶名(Account Name):台灣高等教育產業工會

請務必將您帳號的後五碼,連同姓名及金額email至工會信箱:[email protected],以便核對。 Please send the last five digits of your account number, as well as your name and the amount of payment to our email address ([email protected]) for confirmation.


  • 信用卡扣款授權書 Credit Card Payment Authorization

Download and fill in the “Credit Card Authorization Letter“, then take a photo or scan copy of the “Credit Card Authorization Letter” and email to [email protected]

Download Here